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Senin, 22 Agustus 2016

Organic Coconut Oil For The Skin

Organic Coconut Oil For The Skin

Extra virgin organic coconut oil is very well suited because of its unique combination of active ingredients especially for the care of very dry skin. The unique ingredient complex of the tropical oil is especially recommended for sensitive and irritated skin. Cell renewal is stimulated and the skin is protected from free radicals. Redness, eg after a sun, are reduced and the skin is supplied with ample nutrients to counteract skin aging.
A teaspoon of coconut oil as bath oil dissolved in hot water nourishes the skin, regulates the moisture balance and gives your skin a silky feeling. Due to its molecular structure, the oil can be quickly absorbed by the skin and the moisturizing effect develops rapidly.

Even with acne, diaper rash, eczema and psoriasis coconut oil is said to have excellent repair properties. Here, however, a little patience is required because a success will come only after a certain time. Lauric acid contained in coconut oil, which is responsible for the activity against viruses, bacteria and fungi, dermatitis combat the long term from the inside out. An acne cures only after several applications and the skin may possibly worsen for a few days more. 

Since coconut oil comedogenic is said excess should be removed on the skin surface remaining grease with a clean cotton cloth or cosmetics to prevent clogging of the pores. The already drawn into the subcutaneous fat can now have its full effect.

After a shower or a bath coconut oil can be massaged into the slightly moist skin. Especially during pregnancy, this is an excellent way to prevent stretch marks. Since the oil is very productive, here goes a pinch of oil from perfect. Also footbaths with coconut oil are very popular because they revive and maintain stressed feet, dead skin cells dissolve and the feet are tender after many uses and smooth. Nail and foot fungus is counteracted.

When using the Tropics oil on cuts and abrasions the healing process is positively affected. It should be mentioned that only pure, natural and extra virgin coconut oil is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. With refined or deodorized products the important nutrients by the industrial treatment process are no longer available.


Organic coconut is also called virgin coconut oil. Organic coconut oil is not refined and is the purest from of coconut oil. Organic coconut oil helps to reduce the cholesterol level and thus prevents many heart disorders. Thyroid is among the vital organs of our body and helps to maintain the metabolic rate of our body.
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It helps in proper functioning of our body. Organic coconut oil helps in proper functioning of thyroid gland. Regular intake of organic coconut oil also helps to keep the sugar level of blood thus by preventing the problem of diabetes.

Organic coconut oil has large amount of nutrients which act as fuel for our body and provide us instant energy. Organic coconut oil has special fats which though provide energy but instead of adding to weight phenomenally helps in tumbling weight by burning excess of fats.

Organic coconut oil is responsible for maintaining healthy cholesterol charts in our body and it keeps the intestine fit and healthy. Organic coconut oil is one of the ingredients in our food that is helpful in promoting a healthy functioning of the immune system. The sugar levels in our blood are kept in check through the intake of organic coconut oil. The stomach metabolism and digestion gets enhanced with the intake of this oil.

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